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Avoid these 5 Drinks If You Have An Enlarged Prostate!

Avoid these 5 Drinks If You Have An Enlarged Prostate!

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17 Worst Foods For Prostate Health


Want to know the worst foods for prostate health?


You can’t get away from it. A healthy, well-balanced food is important for our quality of life as we age. More so when it comes to the prostate.

There are a lot of people who think they know what healthy things to eat.

But even though some foods may say they are healthy, we can tell they aren’t by looking at what they’re made of and how they’re packaged.

As a general rule, you should stay away from these 17 foods if you want to keep your prostate and total health in good shape.




1) Alcohol



Heavy alcohol consumption has many health consequences, and one of them includes prostate health problems.

Studiesย show that alcohol increases the severity of lower urinary tract symptoms. They include a weak urinary stream, incomplete bladder emptying, and difficulty to start urinating.

The diuretic properties of alcohol make this type of beverage even worse for patients with prostate problems.

Thus, it is wise to quit alcohol consumption.



2) Caffeine



The issue with caffeine is like the issue with booze. Both of them make you pee more and make you lose water.

So, people who have problems with their lower urinary tract (LUTS) should try to stay away from foods and drinks that contain caffeine.

Some examples of these drinks are herbal teas, sports drinks, coffee, and more.

People who take them know that they make urinary incontinence, urgency, and recurrence worse.

Early research also shows that caffeine raises the amounts of testosterone and DHT in the ventral and dorsolateral parts of the prostate.

If that’s true, then coffee may also make benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer more likely.


3) Dairy



A study from Harvard University in 2001 found that men who ate more calcium than average had a 32% higher chance of getting prostate cancer.

Since then, the American Cancer Society has agreed with these results. They found a link between guys over 40 years old who eat a lot of dairy and getting prostate cancer.

A lot of dairy products from cows have biochemicals in them that make cancer more likely. A lot of animal fat makes it more likely for guys to have a lot of estrogen as they age.

Most people think of estrogen as a female hormone, and it’s very bad for you because it makes testosterone change into dihydrotestosterone. This hurts the prostate a lot and is the cause of all prostate diseases.

So, you should stay away from all dairy items. Instead of dairy products from cows, use products from goats.

There is a lot more protein in goat’s milk, cream, yogurt, and cheese, especially hard cheese. And they don’t have the same biochemicals that are bad for you.


4) Non-organic vegetables



As part of a planned ketogenic diet, veggies that are low in carbs are great. But to keep your prostate healthy, make sure that everything you eat is natural and hasn’t been treated in any way. It’s clear that this method is smart.

Take a look at how many times non-organic vegetables come into touch with chemicals before they get to our plates.

For example, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are always used on the soil where vegetables are growing. After taking in all of these harmful chemicals, veggies are cleaned up and sprayed again before being shipped.

This keeps them safe from animals that might eat them and stops them from growing on their own. Just thinking about all those sprays makes me feel bad. And that’s before we even think about what they might do to our own system.

To be healthy, you should eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Going organic is the only real option.

Researchers have found that a plant-based diet may help slow the development of prostate cancer in people who already have it.




5) Sugar and artificial sweeteners




It has not been proven that sugar directly causes prostate cancer or any other kind of cancer. However, there are strong reasons why you should not eat it.

A long-standing link has been found between eating too much sugar and getting Type 2 diabetes and being overweight. The health problems that these conditions cause can be very bad for the person who has them.

Also, in 2009, the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah published research that showed how cancerous tumor cells use sugar much more than regular cells.

Based on the results, it looked like extra sugar and sweeteners (which contain a lot of fake and chemical ingredients) should be avoided if you want to stay healthy.





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