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12 Best Foods to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate

12 Best Foods to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate

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What Foods Are Good For Shrinking The Prostate?


A lot of men have problems with their prostate glands, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis. and even prostate cancer, which is one of the most common types of cancer in men.

More men with a family history of prostate problems will have problems with their own. Also, men who have BPH complaints need to make sure they don’t have problems with their prostate.

Pain in the lower urinary tract in men is generally not caused by an infection. UTIs don’t happen to them as often as they do to women. This means that prostate growth is very high on the list.

The prostate is in the neck of the bladder, close to the urethra. The bladder is pushed against the prostate when it is very big. In the end, this rising pressure leads to urinary obstruction and signs like a slow flow of urine and having to strain to go to the bathroom.

A very small number of medicines can shrink the prostate, and surgery is the only way to treat very serious cases. However, studies and real-life experience show that some foods can help ease urinary problems.





Transurethral resection of the prostate is the best way to treat a very big prostate, especially if the cancer is only in one area.

You should really pay attention to your care and talk to your doctor about it if you have prostate cancer. But even for people with prostate cancer and BPH, food advice is very important.

Some foods may make your prostate problems worse. Eating other people can make the problem a lot better.


So, what foods can help shrink the prostate?



Sesame seeds



Zinc is important for the health of your prostate. Men who have trouble with their prostate often have lower zinc levels than other men. Sesame seeds are a great way to get zinc, which may help with bladder problems a lot.They also have a lot of fiber, which helps our bowel movements. By keeping people from becoming constipated, we can ease their bladder problems. A study released in the International Journal of Urology also says that it might raise our PSA level.




There is a type of heavy fish that is very good for you. It’s good for you and full of nutrients. Olive oil has Omega 3 fatty acids in it. This is a fatty acid that reduces inflammation. It makes the prostate gland less swollen and may stop the growth of cancer cells. A recent systematic study found that eating more omega-3s lowers the risk of dying from prostate cancer (2).


Bell Pepper


This is a good place to get vitamin C, which seems to play a big role in prostate cancer and BPH. A new study in the Journal of Nutrition found that guys who eat foods high in vitamin C have fewer problems with their bladders.

Dr. Nancy Maserejian says that a food source is better than a drug in this case.
Do not look for vitamin C when you want supplements. Instead, look for saw palmetto.




A lot of different healthy fats can be found in bananas. Beta-sitosterol is in them, but not as much as omega-3 is in salmon. Studies show that beta-sitosterol makes it easier to pee.

People who have problems with their prostate often feel like they can urinate more completely. A Cochrane systematic study says that they have better flow measures.




This is an important food for people with prostate problems. Some chemicals in tomatoes, called lycopene, give them their red color. Also, lycopene is a great way to lower your chance of prostate cancer and other problems with the prostate.

One study says it lowers PSA readings and slows the progression of BPH and prostate cancer.




Other vegetables can also help lower our chance of getting a bigger prostate. Another very important food is broccoli, along with other cruciferous ones.

A study in the Journal Cancer Research found that eating tomato and broccoli together can lower the growth of prostate cancer cells and raise the number of cells that die.




Allicin, which is found in onions, garlic, and other plants in the allium family, helps fight inflammation, free radicals, and cancer. A study with almost 3,000 BPH patients from several centers found that eating more allium veggies lowers the risk of getting BPH.




This is something that you can find in Curcuma longa, which is a spice that is commonly used in Thai, Chinese, and Indian food. This chemical lowers swelling in the prostate and stops inflammation. It also has other uses.

A study says that it also stops BPH by blocking routes for nuclear signaling.


Green tea


Many people know this as one of the best vitamins, and it is often used to keep heart problems at bay. However, epigallocatechin gallate lowers the growth of too many prostate cells.

It also fights against testosterone’s ability to make the prostate gland grow.




You can get a lot of antioxidants from this, especially if you drink grape juice. Getting rid of erectile dysfunction, inflammation, and oxidative stress in the prostate is good.

The smooth muscle of the urethra is relaxed by reading the research, and people with urinary problems feel better.




While there are many kinds of nuts, most of them are great sources of fiber. As was already said, eating fiber can help with urinary problems and constipation.

There’s also a study of tiger nuts, which are a certain kind of nut. It is known to lower PSA levels and fix problems with sperm, which makes these people more fertile.





Like nuts, there are different kinds of beans. Some of them have a lot of fiber, which has the effects listed above. 



Tobacco is without a doubt the best place to get lycopene. That being said, it’s not the only way to get this vitamin. Lycopene is also found in watermelons and is what makes them red. There is a lot of lycopene in strawberries too.

All of these foods stop or slow the growth of BPH and prostate cancer.



Foods to avoid


Dietary advice also tells us what things to stay away from to avoid urinary problems. Most of the time, they are foods that make the bladder and other parts of the lower urinary system hurt. Some things can make you more likely to get prostate cancer or any other type of cancer.

If you have problems with your prostate, you should avoid eating the following foods:


Red meat


It tastes good, but it’s bad for your prostate.Red meat raises your arachidonic acid levels and makes inflammation worse. When your prostate swells, it makes it harder to go to the bathroom and lowers your quality of life.


Eggs and poultry


It’s better for you than red meat, but you shouldn’t eat it every day. Arachidonic acid in eggs makes inflammation worse, just like it does in red meat. It was also found that eating chicken made the signs of BPH worse.




That means cheese and whole-fat milk. They have saturated fat, which makes people gain weight around the middle, and their urinary problems are directly affected by this. Lighter versions of milk and cheese should be eaten instead of whole-fat ones. You could also drink soy milk or almond milk instead.




People who have benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer are not allowed to drink alcohol.
They cause inflammation in the prostate or make it worse. Also, these drinks make you pee more, which is called diuretics.

In other words, they will make these people urinate more often, which is already the case.




Including sports drinks, fizzy drinks, and some types of tea, all drinks with caffeine are not a good idea. Coffee makes you pee more often because it makes you pee more often. It makes nocturia and other symptoms worse by making your bladder hurt.


Sugary foods


Sugary drinks, cakes, sweets, and a lot more are in this group. They cause insulin levels to rise, which makes inflammation and tissue growth happen. Your prostate keeps getting bigger because the constant spikes send the wrong message.


Spicy foods


They make the urinary tract sore, so if you have problems with your bladder, you should eat less spicy food. They might make things worse.

Also, eating hot foods can make your symptoms worse, like having to go to the bathroom more often or right away.




3 Day meal plan


This is an example of a diet plan that includes foods that shrink the prostate. It’s a lot like the Mediterranean diet, as you will see:


Day 1



Breakfast: Overnight oats with blueberries


Lunch: Cannellini bean salad


Dinner: Broccoli and salmon stirfy with wholewheat noodles




Day 2


Breakfast: Sweet potato hash (with spinach, 2 egg whites, and avocado)


Lunch: oneย bananaย and whole-wheat sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and hummus


Dinner: Marinated chicken skewers with couscous and salad




Day 3


Breakfast: Avocado toast with eggs and tomato


Lunch: Kale and chickpea stew


Dinner: Mediterranean chicken pasta salad












Supplements made from natural ingredients


More and more study is showing that taking natural supplements for BPH can help.

Medical tests have shown that Beta-Sitosterol is one of the best and most reliable products for maintaining good prostate health.

Sterols are found naturally in foods like peanuts, rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils, popcorn, and soy. Beta-Sitosterol has been shown in many studies to help reduce the need to go to the bathroom quickly, often, and in the middle of the night.

A review of 519 men from 4 randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies (lasting 4 to 26 weeks) also showed that these treatments helped with the symptoms.

In these tests, beta-sitosterol made urine symptoms and flow rates better. It also made a big difference in how much pee was left in the bladder.

It costs a lot more to buy beta-sitosterol molecules than fatty acids. Because of this, a lot of goods on the market have more than 70% fatty acids and less than 30% Beta-sitosterol. However, Beta-sitosterol needs to be 90% plant sterols and 10% fatty acids in order to work. That’s why this amount in Total Health is correct.


Total Health is clinically made to fight the causes of prostate disease. It can help you sleep better at night, have better urinary flow, and lower your PSA levels to get rid of your prostate problems and get your health back on track.





A lot of men have problems with their prostates, and none of us would rather avoid getting cancer than go through treatment for it.

Prostate problems are less likely to happen if we eat well, use herbal treatments, stay at a healthy weight, and exercise regularly.

If you follow these tips, you will avoid having surgery, even if your prostate is healthy.

So, if you want to avoid prostatic disease (like cancer, prostatic enlargement, and inflammation of the prostate), stay away from processed meat, dairy, and sweets.

Another thing is that if you already have an enlarged prostate, drinking less booze, spicy foods, and coffee might make your symptoms better.

Instead, eat more broccoli, tomatoes, and other fruits and veggies every day.

Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Also, make sure you eat enough beans, nuts, seeds, and other foods that are high in fiber.

Drinking pomegranate juice or green tea with your food is a great idea. Garlic, ginger, and other spices will also help you.






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