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TOP 10 FOODS To END Premature Ejaculation

TOP 10 FOODS To END Premature Ejaculation

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The Best Foods To Help Treat Premature Ejaculation | Noah Singapore

Over 20 to 30 percent of men struggle with premature ejaculation all over the globe. It is gradually becoming a common problem among young men. Most shy away from talking about it. But listen up guys! Stressing about it just makes it worse.

Both psychological and biological factors play a huge role in this. Besides, it’s not a big deal anyway. This is an easily treatable condition.

Now, if it has happened to you once or twice before, you have no cause to worry. However, as the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, Buckle up and go get yourself the top 10 foods to cure premature ejaculation.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the inability to control ejaculation during sexual intercourse, ejaculating sooner than he or his partner would like. This can occur even during masturbation.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation:

The main cause of Premature ejaculation is not known. However, the following factors are known to be involved in causing this problem.

Psychological Causes:

Being sexually inexperienced, having body image issues, getting over-excited, stressed or depressed, traumatic experiences related to sex.

Medical Causes:

Diabetes, Prostate disease, thyroid problems, overconsumption of drugs and alcohol.

Treatment for premature ejaculation

In most cases, the underlying cause of premature ejaculation is observed to be a psychological issue. Try figuring out what is bothering you and work towards battling it out.

As you grow old, your fertility reduces. This is a well-known fact. You may want to have a good look at them, and try and break out of these habits.

Simultaneously, start consuming the following foods more into your diet. This will also boost your self-confidence and make you healthier!

Leading a healthy lifestyle with a healthy meal plan is what you need.


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The top 10 foods to cure premature ejaculation are:



Bugs Bunny’s favorite snack. There is a quote of him saying, “Carrots are divine… You get a dozen for a dime, It’s maaaa-gic!”.

And it’s true. Not only are carrots cheap, but they are also MAGIC to our body.

Carrots are great for both men and women. This vegetable is a remedy for many health problems. One of them being, Premature Ejaculation.

Everybody loves Carrot. And if you don’t, well you haven’t tried the delicious, mouth-watering Carrot Halwa.

On a serious note, eating boiled carrots with egg and honey regularly can help you control your ejaculation during intercourse.


Carrots can improve your libido. It is rich in carotene and antioxidants which improve blood flow during sexual intercourse, hence reducing premature ejaculation.

So load up on Carrots next time you go shopping! The vitamins present in it also help strengthen muscles and regulate blood flow to sex organs.



Watermelon is the perfect food during summer. Not only does it help in rehydrating, but also cures premature ejaculation.

It is also known as a plausible substitute for Viagra

Scientists have discovered that watermelon helps in producing L-arginine, an amino acid that becomes nitric oxide in the body. This helps blood vessels relax and improves erections

Add a glass of fresh watermelon juice to your daily diet. You could alternate between orange and watermelon.



Yes, Garlic breath is not very inviting. But did you know it has aphrodisiac properties?

Garlic is high in allicin, which helps in boosting sexual drive in men.

Garlic cloves are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This helps in improving blood circulation and enhances copulation, reducing your chances of pre-ejaculation.

You can consume garlic cloves raw or after frying them in ghee. Eat this on an empty stomach early in the morning, and remember to use a mouth wash after!


Bananas are rich in potassium. This helps in regulating blood flow. They also contain an enzyme known as bromelain that helps in increasing libido and decreasing premature ejaculation.

Having bananas regularly not only improves your endurance but also boosts your stamina and testosterone levels. It is also known to boost sperm count.


Have a banana after your meal, at least once a day. This also helps in digestion.


Also known as the wonder fruit, Avocado is very beneficial to your health. It is rich in vitamins that help in regulating blood flow.

Avocado also consists of many healthy fats and folic acid that gives you an energy boost. It also helps in metabolism.

It also helps improve your endurance, reducing premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse.


It is widely known that the roots of this plant help in reducing premature ejaculation.

The primary benefit of Asparagus is that it boosts sex drive in men. It is rich in many vitamins and minerals that maintain hormone functions.

Drinking this shake will also help strengthen your penile muscles.

Boil the roots in milk and drink it twice a day.


Oysters are a pretty well-known aphrodisiac. Not only does eating them make you feel sensual, but it also increases the production of sex hormones in your body.

Oysters are rich in many nutrients but are most commonly known for their high zinc content. Not only does it increase your endurance reducing premature ejaculation, but also helps in overcoming erectile dysfunction.


Walnuts are nutritious and healthy. They are rich in healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

They have high antioxidant, omega-3, and anti-inflammatory properties. This profile helps in improving your overall health.

They help reduce impotency, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Eating walnuts regularly, as a snack between your meals, can also help improve sperm quality and mobility.

Ever tried Walnut Ice cream?


9.Dark Chocolate

American writer E. Lockhart has described Dark chocoloate as, “White Chocolate. Intense, sweet. But not deep. Okay for prom dates or flings, but not to get serious…Milk chocolates are guys you could date for like a few months, and dark chocolates are for love.”

Dark Chocolates are for love, indeed. They are loaded with micronutrients that make them a very effective aphrodisiac.

Munching on them will make you feel good and sensual about yourself. It produces endorphins which reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

It doesn’t just end there.

Dark chocolate can positively affect your health. It is one of the best sources of antioxidants.

Treat yourself and your partner to some dark chocolate before, as Sheldon would say, ‘coitus’. Every day can be your Valentine’s Day!


As mentioned in our previous blogs, Fishes are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. And to say Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to our health, is an understatement.

They help in battling out depression and anxiety, one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. They also possess anti-inflammatory properties and help regulate blood flow.

Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, and Trout are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are not inclined to eating sea-food, try out some omega-3 supplements.


Premature Ejaculation can be successfully treated. So don’t break your head over it. Try adding the above-mentioned food items more into your diet. Start exercising regularly. Talk to your partner about it. Usually, switching your lifestyle to a physically and mentally benefitting one will help solve half your burdens.




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