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Periodos Dolorosos (Dismenorrea)

Es común que muchas chicas tengan dolor leve con sus períodos un par de días al mes. Sin embargo, si su dolor no se alivia con analgésicos de venta libre, y no asiste a la escuela o deja de hacer cosas con sus amigos debido a ello, puede tener “dismenorrea”. ¿Que es dismenorrea? La dismenorrea…
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Todos tenemos problemas para dormir de vez en cuando. Sin embargo, algunas personas tienen problemas para conciliar el sueño o quedarse dormido hasta el punto que afecta su vida diaria normal. ¿Cuales son los síntomas de insomnio? Los síntomas de insomnio son: Problemas para conciliar el sueño Despertarse mucho durante la noche Despertarse muy temprano…
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I am 17 years old and I have never had my period. Is this normal or should I worry about it?

Girls typically begin puberty between ages 8 and 13. Puberty is the time when your body goes through hormone changes, your breasts develop, you notice pubic hair, and you have a growth spurt. Every girl is different, so it is completely normal for some to begin puberty before 8 years old or even occasionally after…
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Hello, I was wondering, if I have a leaking fallopian tube (hydrosalpinx) is it harder for me to get pregnant?

Thank you for your question. A “leaking fallopian tube” (hydrosalpinx) occurs when the end of the tube is damaged from STIs causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), surgery, or adhesions (scar tissue). Hydrosalpinx occurs when the tube becomes blocked, filling with sterile fluids, which creates an enlarged tube. You may not even know you have hydrosalpinx,…
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I don’t think I have “officially” had my period yet, but I recently had 3-4 days of brownish black discharge. I didn’t see any blood in the discharge, but could this have been my period?

It is possible that your period may be coming sooner than you think! It is completely normal for girls to experience brown discharge just before, during, or after their period. Some girls may spot while they are ovulating (when a mature egg is released from your ovaries) which can occur a few weeks before their…
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How soon after inserting a new NuvaRing can you have unprotected sex without getting pregnant? It is not my first time using it.

Great question! The NuvaRing is very effective in the prevention of pregnancy, but only if you use it perfectly; however, it doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections. It’s never a good idea to have unprotected sex. To lower your risk of pregnancy, use a condom for the first 7 days following the first time you…
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How is fast food bad for people?

Great question! We try to encourage people not to think of food as “good” or “bad” because those are not qualities that food can really have (unless you are allergic to it). Instead, try to think of foods on a spectrum of healthiness; some foods are more healthy, some foods are less healthy. Generally speaking,…
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I recently I began having pain in my bladder/urethra when I move or sit a certain way. I also have pain when I pee as well. Could I have a urinary tract infection (UTI)? I am scared to tell my parents, help!

Thanks for your question. It’s possible that you have a urinary tract infection; however, the only way to know for sure is to see your primary care provider (PCP). Your provider will be able to tell if you have a UTI or if something else is causing your symptoms. You will likely be asked to…
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I am 17 years old and my period is strong. I end up spending the first day at home and missing school/work because my cramps are so painful. I also have nausea and become light headed. Is this normal?

Great question! Getting your period can cause mild cramps on the first day or two, but it shouldn’t cause you to stay home from school, work, or social events. Dysmenorrhea (pronounced: dis–men–o–ree–a) is a medical term for difficult or painful periods. There are two types of dysmenorrhea; primary and secondary. The most common type is…
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How can I overcome panic attacks? I’m a usually nervous person, but three panic attacks in two months seems like a lot and I don’t want my friends or my parents to know.

Hello, and thank you for asking this very important question! Panic attacks can be very scary and overwhelming, and you deserve to have some relief. They may occur when a person is experiencing a lot of stress. The stress may build up until it is so overwhelming that our bodies and minds feel out of…
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How do you get birth control without your family knowing?

Birth control options are easily available in some countries and many states in the U.S., but not in others. In some communities, birth control pills  may even be sold over-the-counter without a prescription.   The best way to prepared is to check with your health care provider. What you talk about is confidential. If you can…
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I just tried putting in a tampon for the first time. I was able to insert it half way, but I couldn’t push it any further. Is it my hymen that is blocking it? Should I see my health care provider?

It’s totally normal to have a little trouble inserting a tampon for the first time, but selecting the right time, tampon size, and position, can make the whole process a lot easier. For example: It’s easier if you don’t feel rushed and you have privacy; plan a good time when you can practice–you should be…
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Cystic Fibrosis: Trikafta

What is TrikaftaTM? Trikafta is a “triple-combination therapy” made of three different modulator drugs- tezacaftor, ivacaftor, and elexacaftor. Modulators work by helping to fix defective CFTR protein. Trikafta may be much more effective than other available modulators, such as Symdeko® or Orkambi®. What are the benefits of TrikaftaTM? Clinical trials of Trikafta showed large improvements…
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How Safe Is It… to wear a tampon to bed?

How Safe Is It……. to wear a tampon to bed? Answer: It is safe to wear a tampon to bed as long as you follow the directions on the product. Most products warn that you can wear a tampon for up to 4-8 hrs. However, if you typically sleep for longer than 8 hrs., you…
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