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Is Weight Gain a Side Effect of IVIG?

Is Weight Gain a Side Effect of IVIG?

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Some IVIG brands, like Gammagard, have sugar added. Your blood glucose may briefly increase as a result of this. However, studies don’t indicate that weight gain is a common IVIG adverse effect.

Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is a medication used to treat immune system problems in patients. These conditions include:

Multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN) in Kawasaki illness and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Immunoglobulins, which are immune system proteins that aid in your body’s defense against pathogens including viruses and bacteria, are replenished by IVIG.

You might be concerned about gaining weight if you take certain IVIG preparations since they contain sugar. This article investigates whether IVIG can result in weight gain. We’ll also examine further IVIG-related adverse effects.

How might IVIG benefit those who have autoimmune diseases?
Your immune system functions by spotting potentially dangerous foreign chemicals and producing proteins that flush them out of the body. Immunoglobulins or antibodies are the names given to these proteins.

Your immune system cannot manufacture all the antibodies required to keep you healthy when it is weakened by disease, infection, or inflammation.

A concentrated dosage of antibodies drawn from donor blood plasma are given through IVIG. It enables those with autoimmune diseases to recover immune system functionality so they can stay healthy.


Do IVIG patients gain weight?
Weight gain is not a potential side effect of IVIG treatment, claims a 2018 literature analysis by Trusted Source.

The brand may matter, though, as some IVIG formulations have additional sugar. During infusions, these medications may produce a surge in blood sugar, which is known as hyperglycemia.

Regular IVIG infusions that contain sugar may have a long-term impact on your weight if you receive them. Slowing the rate of infusion and consuming water before and after the treatment may help to lessen the effects of added sugar.

Diabetes and IVIG
For patients with diabetes, another crucial factor to take into account is whether an IVIG preparation has additional sugar. Your doctor could suggest an IVIG brand without additional sugar if you have diabetes.

With some IVIG brands, such as Gammagard, some persons may experience a sudden weight gain. This can be a sign of a renal issue. If you detect this symptom, see a doctor.

Which IVIG products include sugar in them?
In the US, there are 10 different brands of IVIG under the name Trusted Source. The following is a list of IVIG products that contain sugar:

Sugar is present in carimune.
Gammagard S/D has glucose in it.
Contains maltose, octagam
The following IVIG product lines don’t have extra sugar:

Asceniv Bivigam Flebogamma
Gammaplex Gamunex-C (Gammaked) and Gammagard Liquid
Panzyga Pivigen
What are some typical IVIG side effects?
There is a chance of negative effects with IVIG, just like with other medical procedure. The most typical IVIG side effects are moderate and transient, according to the 2018 reviewTrusted Source noted above. These consist of:

weariness, illness, fever, and chills
feeling chilly; headache; flushed skin
muscular aches and nausea
Although less frequent, negative side effects can happen. In light of your symptoms and medical history, your doctor can assist you in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of IVIG therapy.

How long is IVIG retained in the body?
A typical IVIG infusion has a half-life of three to four weeks (Reliable Source). This suggests that less than half of the immunoglobulin you received has remained in your system after about a month.

Having said that, your underlying illness determines how frequently you receive infusions. Some patients simply require a single infusion. Others have infusions every week or month.


Does IVIG have any long-term negative effects?
Some IVIG adverse effects take a while to manifest and instead happen in the days or weeks after a transfusion. These are normally quite rare and can frequently be avoided with the right treatment.

Taking IVIG, for instance, has been associated with high blood pressure, which raises your chance of having a heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism.

In IVIG recipients, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) may aid in preventing heart and blood clotting issues.

Other long-term negative impacts may include:

renal dysfunction and failure
infections from tainted plasma that cause blood and brain illnesses
Older folks or those with already compromised renal function are more likely to experience kidney issues.

What must I do if I gain weight while taking IVIG?
If you gain weight while taking IVIG, talk to your doctor. They can assist you in determining whether IVIG infusions may be having an impact on your weight. They might also assist in figuring out whether abrupt weight increase during IVIG therapy is linked to a renal issue.

Despite the fact that most IVIG brands are similarly effective, certain types may have varying side effects. Consider trying a different brand of IVIG if you are having negative effects from your treatment.

For a while, IVIG aids those with autoimmune diseases in regaining normal immune system function. By offering antibodies derived from donor blood plasma, it does this.

There isn’t conclusive evidence that IVIG infusions cause weight gain. However, certain IVIG treatments have additional sugar that may have a long-term impact on how much you weigh, especially if you get infusions frequently.

There is a chance that IVIG will cause additional adverse effects, such as fatigue, headaches, and fever. These negative effects are often minor and transient.

Consult a medical expert, such as a doctor or pharmacist, if you’re worried about IVIG side effects, including weight gain.

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