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Category: Healthy Eating

MagicKitchen – This Diet Delivery Program Can Really Help you Lose Weight

Magic Kitchen is a meal kit delivery company that provides frozen, chef-prepared meals suitable for nearly every diet. It may help you save time on cooking and make it easier to adhere to certain dietary restrictions. In fact, Magic Kitchen offers multiple plans specifically designed for older adults, vegetarians, and people with conditions like kidney…
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10 HEALTHIEST Foods With No Carbs & No Sugar [UNBELIEVABLE]

    A lot of people want to lose weight and get healthy these days.     A lot of prepared carbs and refined sugars are found in junk food. It has been shown that these make the whole body swell up.   This can cause a lot of different illnesses over time, like diabetes,…
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How to Build Muscle Naturally

Iā€™m a car guy. And when I was 19 the cool car to have, and to beat, was the 5.0 Mustang. If you had one, you worked it on weekends, with a cloud of ā€˜Stang smoke that left others in your tailpipe. If you didnā€™t have a 5.0 ā€˜Stang, you always claimed you had a…
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Foods For IBS

  IBS is sometimes referred to asĀ irritableĀ orĀ spastic colonĀ orĀ colitisĀ orĀ spastic colitis. It is different from inflammatory bowel disease, even though at times it feels the same and has similar symptoms.   IBS symptoms are similar to when you eat a bad meal and thus, you have ExcessĀ bloatingĀ andĀ gas Abdominal and stomachĀ pain Cramping ExcessiveĀ belching ConstipationĀ and/orĀ diarrhea   For example, if…
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Top 10 Mistakes That Make Your IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) Flare Up

by Dr. Kotb It can feel like a full-time job to deal with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Yes, that’s why! People with IBS need to make a lot of changes to their lives, like cutting out foods that make their symptoms worse and adding ways to deal with stress to their daily routine. However, these…
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