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++21 Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex – Number 21 will Surprise you.

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There’s nothing better than having great sex with someone you love and are supported by.

Men making sex mistakes in bed can end a relationship or even a marriage, even though this is still frowned upon. This is why you should try to fully understand what your partner wants.

Mistakes men make can make their partner angry and unhappy, so men need to learn how to do well in bed if they want to keep their lady happy.




21 sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

Sure, you might make some mistakes in bed now and then, but there’s nothing better than being ready to fix them so your partner is happy. Here are 20 things guys do wrong in bed that you should not do.




1. They rush things

As with sexual things, guys make the mistake of rushing things in relationships. This is also true for emotional things.

More often than not, women need a lot more time to “get in the mood” for closeness, while men don’t need as much time.It doesn’t start in bed; it starts a long time before you get to bed (or any other place).




How to solve it:

You can start with a kiss in the afternoon or a hug in the morning, but give her time to feel safe and at ease.




2. Let’s get physical

Sure, but not too soon. As guys get ready for bed, one mistake they often make is forgetting that foreplay is also about stimulating the mind.

How to figure it out:

Because a lot of women like to imagine while they’re making love, keep her mind busy, whisper softly in her ear, and get her excited before the excitement.


3. What worked once, may not work the next time


Men often mess up with women because they think that strategies that worked the last time will work again.

Hormone levels change depending on where in the cycle a woman is. This means that her erogenous zone might have been her breast last time, but it could be her neck next time.

How to figure it out:

Try something new every time and don’t follow the rules. Don’t keep doing what worked the last time; instead, get to know her better.





4. Intercourse is not the only way to her orgasm

Most of the time, guys make sex mistakes in bed because they don’t think about her enough. Men always think about how to do well in bed when they mean how well they perform the sex act, but that’s not the only way to make her happy.

How to solve it:

It takes women longer than men to finish because it takes them longer to get aroused and reach the same level of excitement in their bodies and minds. So be patient and work on making it better all around.





5. You let the fire die

If we want to be seductive, we should do it all the time, not just before we get together with someone.

Men often think that focused on “performance” is the key to being better in bed, but it’s actually the opposite.



How to solve it:

Pay attention to everything OTHER THAN the show; play the seduction game all day. This will make her feel tense, and she’ll be eager to go to bed afterward.

For a steamy sex life, you need to be able to seduce someone visually, mentally, or orally.




6. You “know” her well

A very common sex mistake men make in bed is thinking they know exactly what their partner wants or needs. This mistake can also happen outside of bed.


How to solve it:

Guys, don’t be too shy, embarrassed, or proud to ask your girl what she wants in bed. This doesn’t mean you’re weak or not good enough.

It shows that you’re sure of yourself and want her to have the best time possible. She will LOVE it.




7. Focus on the “end”

We all love the climax, but orgasms aren’t the only way to be close.

You should enjoy the trip to the end and know that if the end doesn’t happen sometimes, it’s not the end of the world!



How to solve it:

Slow down. Figure out what works for both of you. If you and she are both enjoying the process, don’t push her or yourself to finish.




8. You’re too quiet


Most women LOVE hearing how much you’re enjoying the act of sex. Men sometimes make bad sex choices in bed because they don’t feel safe and secure enough to be wild when they want to be.



How to solve it:

The hormones testosterone, estrogen, and adrenalin rise in our blood when we have loud sex because we are all animalistic. So, speak your mind without fear.




9. Too touchy

She can lose the show if she has too many fingers. Wait to get excited until the star of “D” show. Use foreplay to get her excited, but be gentle and don’t rush it.


How to solve it:

Some women don’t like this kind of pre-play. So, try different things to see what she likes. You can be rough and intense at other times, but not during the foreplay.




10. Slow down to speed up

Some women love hard sex more than others. Also, it takes time to get them so excited that they are almost at their peak and can enjoy the hard core sex.

Why do they want harder and faster sex? Because they can handle pain better when they are close to orgasm.

How to solve it:

It’s possible for sow sex to be just as powerful as fast-paced and hard core sex, if not more so. After you figure out what works best for her, change the pace.


11. Understand her complexity


Most of the sex mistakes men make in bed are caused by not understanding how women’s bodies work. The clitoris is a very sensitive area of her body. It has nerves that go through her vulva and vagina.


How to solve it:

To get Clitoris to her hottest climax, all you have to do is rub her gently.




12. Focus on the whole tree, not the apple


Men are always thinking about the apple, but take a look at the whole tree. Going “straight for it” isn’t going to be as fun for her as this great way to calm her down and ease into the act.


How to solve it:

Do not just focus on her clitoris or vagina. Kiss her neck, massage her buttocks, or rub the inside of her legs.



13. Stop going by the book


There are too many guys who are thinking about magazines while they are making love. Are you looking for the “G spot”? Is she having fun? Am I holding on too tight? What if she thinks I’m too small or not good enough? Put it down.

Bad sex habits by guys in bed can make both the man and the woman lose track of time.


How to solve it:

To fully enjoy the sex, you have to be in the present. Pay attention to how she moves and how she sighs.




14. Manscape


For women, manscaping (the act of shaving their bits) is just as important as shaving their legs for men.


How to solve it:

You should shave it right away if it makes your woman hot.



15. You turn her off by turning her down


Women have dreams, and they want you to be just as willing to try new things with them as you want them to try new things with your fantasies.

When you’re not ready to do something with her for her, that’s one of the worst things you can do in bed.

How to solve it:

Allow new thoughts to come to you. When it comes to what you both want, don’t be set in your ways.




16. Same old, same old


It was never said, “Let’s do missionary for the rest of our lives, I love it so much!” If you want to get somewhere, don’t play it safe.

How to solve it:

To spice things up, move around even while you’re making love! Do not be dull or lazy. You might find that some sex positions are even better for you than the ones you normally choose.




17. You can’t tell the difference between fake and real orgasm


This is a bad sign. Try searching for “how to understand your partner better” before you search for “how to perform better in bed for guys.” If you can’t tell if your partner is really enjoying herself or just pretending, it means that you don’t understand her well enough.

Either she’s a great actor or you need to work on how you talk to people.

In either case, it will end badly.

How to solve it:

Tell her the truth without holding back, so she doesn’t feel bad if she is lying sometimes. Also, you need to know the difference between a real orgasm and a fake one.

Heart rates and breathing generally speed up during a real orgasm. You will also notice that her body tenses up and doesn’t move much, like a guy’s body does when they let go.




18. You cross the finish line before she even starts the race


Women get very angry when men make sex mistakes in bed. One of the worst is when you end the session before we’re ready to begin.

How to solve it:

Pay attention to her and start the pre-sex early to get her excited before you start the intercourse.




19. Monkey see, monkey do


Because guys try to do what they see in porn movies, watching porn can hurt our sex lives. In porn, women orgasm during penetration, but in real life, 80% of women need stimulation of the clitoris to reach release. When men get too excited, they forget that their woman should also enjoy the sex.

How to solve it:

Pay close attention to how the clitoris is stimulated. Not having sex is not the only thing that makes an intimate session enjoyable.




20. Stay and enjoy the after-sex cuddle


Some people think that most guys fall asleep after sleep. No matter if this is true or not, you should never get out of bed right after having sex.



How to solve it:

Take it easy and enjoy the pleasure. Hug and enjoy each other even after the sex.


Recipe for succsex

Do not make the same sex mistakes as men do in bed. Now that you know what to do, think about your next time with your partner and make it the best one ever.

Guys should listen to their partner and pay attention to what they want and how they move when they’re having sex. This has been shown to work for sex.


21. Taking aphrodisiacs is For Loosers ??

An aphrodisiac is any food or substance that makes you want to be sexually aroused or improves your pleasure, performance, or desire. It’s possible for people to want to improve their sex lives by taking an aphrodisiac. Some of these reasons are low libido or wanting to get better at sex, but sometimes people just want to enjoy it more.


Aphrodisiacs are claimed to make you more sexually interested and pleasured, but their true usefulness has not yet been proven. Often, research has not shown that certain substances work, and in some cases, it has even shown that certain substances may have bad side effects.1

A review of the psychiatric and neurological side effects of herbal sexual enhancers by Brunetti P, Lo Faro AF, Tini A, Busardò FP, and Carlier J.2020;13(10) on Pharmaceuticals (Basel). Find out more at doi:10.3390/ph13100309


People have used Yohimbe, a chemical found in the root of the African yohimbine tree, as an aphrodisiac. However, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says that it has been linked to heart attacks, seizures, high blood pressure, and stomach problems.2


The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is where the word “aphrodisiac” comes from. People have used and been interested in aphrodisiacs for a very long time. Often, they have been made from minerals, food, and plants.



Reasons to Try Aphrodisiacs

People often say that having good sex is a big part of having a healthy and happy relationship, which is why there is so much interest in finding items that can make sex more fun. People try aphrodisiacs for a number of reasons, including:


Sexual Dysfunction

Aphrodisiacs can be used to make your sex life more exciting, but they can also be used to treat sexual issues.


According to research, a lot of women and men have problems with their sexual health.
Most women who report having problems say they have issues with desire and energy.
Men most often have problems with erectile difficulties and ejaculating too soon.

Pleasure and Performance

The only reason someone might use an aphrodisiac is if they are having sexual problems. People are interested in having great sex, so it’s not a surprise that some might turn to something that claims to make them want and participate in sex more. Aphrodisiacs are said to make sex more exciting, pleasurable, and attractive, but researchers are still looking into whether this is true.


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