The True Cost of Skipping Tummy Time


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The True Cost of Skipping Tummy Time

The True Cost of Skipping Tummy Time

When you have a baby who hates tummy time or you’re not sure how to do tummy time with a newborn, you might start to wonder if tummy time is even needed. This thought isn’t that extreme, since our grandparents and parents never did tummy time with their babies and they all turned out completely fine.

But this isn’t correct! Our parents and grandparents did do tummy time with their babies and there are negative consequences of not doing tummy time with a baby.

In this video I will finally put this tummy time myth to rest! As well as demonstrate fun newborn tummy time positions your can try with your little one to make tummy time more enjoyable for you both.

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00:00 – 01:22 : Tummy Time Myth Busted
01:23 – 05:29 : Consequences Of A Baby Spending All Their Time On Their Back

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