The Best Tea Formulas for Healthy and Hair with Beauty Blend Tea


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The Best Tea Formulas for Healthy and Hair with Beauty Blend Tea

The Beauty Blend Tea is pretty much the perfect compliment to our line. Chances are, you’re using our skin care in some sort of self care practice, right? Nothing goes better with a face mask and a bath than a perfect cup of tea. It brings a lot of benefits for your skin. Beauty Blend is an intensely nourishing mix, which means that you’re taking care of yourself on the inside, too.
The blend consists of hand-selected yerba mate, nettle leaves, and horsetail. They are all the best teas for healthy skin and hair and stimulate and support a healthy glow from within due to their rich quantities of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids.

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Our favorite unexpected uses for tea leaves
With ingredients this powerful, it’s no surprise that this tea is good for more than just, well, tea. We find ourselves using the beauty blend outside the mug often—here are our three favorite ways to get creative with it!
Herbal tea is one of the best teas for healthy skin1. DIY facial steam for healthy skin
Treat yourself to an at-home facial by creating a DIY facial steam with the beauty blend. Simply boil a few cups of water and pour over two tablespoons of the tea blend. Feel free to add essential oils to this mix as desired.
Place a bath towel over the back of your head, and hold a few feet above the steam for about 10 minutes. This treatment will help detox your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.
Taking deep breaths of the herbal steam is great for your sinuses as well!
Mix iced tea with cocktail is a recipes that tea lovers should know2. Cocktail mixer
Yes, yes, we love the Beauty Blend for it’s nourishing properties, but you can have some fun with it too. Try our version of a Long Island Iced Tea!
2 tablespoons Beauty Blend
2 cups water
¼ cup rum
¼ cup vodka
¼ cup tequila
¼ cup triple sec
¼ cup agave nectar
1 lemon, juiced
2 lemons for serving
The night before your Long Island tea party, steep two tablespoons of the Beauty Blend Tea in two cups of boiling water for 20 minutes. Refrigerate overnight so your tea is cold when getting your mix on. The next day, combine tea, alcohol, agave, and lemon juice into a large pitcher. Add lemon slices for serving, and voila!
The herbs in the Beauty Blend create the best tea for your skin!3. A tea hair rinse
The herbs in the Beauty Blend aren’t just nourishing for your insides. So many of these ingredients have incredible effects on your hair as well!
Take nettle for example— it strengthens and can help with dandruff. Ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn are rich in antioxidants that naturally soften and promote shiny tresses.
Yerba Mate contains caffeine that increase blood flow when it penetrate hair strands, encouraging your luxurious locks to grow their strongest.
Do It Yourself!
Steep two tablespoons of Beauty Blend in two cups of water, give or take. Pour over your hair after shampooing and leave on for 5 minutes. Follow up with a deep conditioning for a glorious shine!
Take your used tea to your garden instead of throwing it away for added nutrientsBonus: Get in the garden and make your plants grow!
Finished with your tea? Not so fast! Instead of throwing out your used tea blend, take it to your garden and let it work its magic on your plant babies.
City dwellers, this is for you too- you can use this method on your beloved house plants. Spread your tea remains around the base of the plants, like a mulch. Your plants will love it and absorb the nutrients, just like you did.

Do you have any alternative uses for tea? Share with us in the comments!  Also visit our tea and accessories collection to enhance your tea time experience.

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