Somehow, Shawn Johnson and Her Husband Got Out of This Acro-Yoga Challenge Alive


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Somehow, Shawn Johnson and Her Husband Got Out of This Acro-Yoga Challenge Alive

Shawn Johnson has never been one to back down from a challenge. Go to the Olympics at age 16 and win gold? Will do. Return to gymnastics three months postpartum? Sure, why not. If you ask us, her latest endeavor required just as much strength, determination, and honestly, courage: an AcroYoga partner challenge with her husband, Andrew East.

AcroYoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga, so basically just picture the hardest and strangest yoga-like contortions you’ve ever seen on Instagram. While most of us just scroll right on by, Johnson and East, a former NFL player, decided to attempt as many as they could. The results were . . . OK, mixed, but their efforts made for some high-quality entertainment.

Johnson and East nailed four out of 10 AcroYoga poses, and honestly, we’ll call that a success. A lot of it entailed Johnson cartwheeling around East’s head, or East attempting standing splits, or both of them getting into twisted-up positions and realizing, nope, this one wasn’t going to happen. And hey, no one got hurt! Although East did make a beeline for the ice and ibuprofen at the end of the video, which, yep, sounds about right. Check out the hilarious video above, and if you’re intrigued by the challenge, try a little AcroYoga for yourself with these basic partner poses.

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