Pregnancy Vitamins – What Nutrients does a Fetus need & what Foods should I eat | Pregnancy Diet


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Pregnancy Vitamins – What Nutrients does a Fetus need & what Foods should I eat | Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Vitamins - What Nutrients does a Fetus need & what Foods should I eat | Pregnancy Diet

Most nutritional guides for pregnancies mainly focus on fat, carbohydrates and proteins. However, there is one thing which is much more important: micronutrients. That’s because fat, carbohydrates and proteins can come from many different foods (including sweets and junk food). However, what you really want to take care of during your pregnancy are the micronutrients which are contained in your diet.

So, in this video, Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy & Birth Consultant and TCM Therapist, and Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek, first explain the importance of micronutrients in terms of your baby’s growth and development and in terms of reducing the risk of pregnancy-related complications, such as birth defects.

Next, they discuss the 6 most important micronutrients that your baby needs when you are pregnant and what foods you should eat during pregnancy. Moreover, they provide additional nutritional information, for example, they tell you why you also need Vitamin C if you want to make sure that your body gets enough iron.

And then, in the second part of the video, they discuss 3 additional micronutrients which your baby urgently needs during your pregnancy but which are very difficult – if not impossible – to get from your diet.


We prepared some additional information for you, including:
– Recommended dosage per day for pregnant women (for every micronutrient)
Foods which contain certain micronutrients

You can find it here:



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