Orbit Baby G5 Stroller Review

Orbit Baby G5 Stroller Review

Mother of 3 candidly reviews the Orbit Baby G5 Stroller!
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G5 Stroller

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I have had the Orbit Baby G5 stroller for a few months now. The company reached out to me to ask if I would want to try it and I was really excited about the opportunity. It is a luxury stroller and if your budget allows then I definitely recommend investing in this product. They offer the travel system for a new baby – the carseat and bassinet that can transfer into the stroller. The stroller can also grow with your family because they offer the double stroller attachment and the amazing little skateboard thing that allows for young kids to ride along as you push the baby/toddler in the stroller. They are also releasing a Jogger version if that better suits your lifestyle.

If you have ever used this stroller I would love to hear what your experience has been!

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