Moving to Europe With Kids – 8 Tips for Moving to Europe as a Family!


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Moving to Europe With Kids – 8 Tips for Moving to Europe as a Family!

Moving to Europe With Kids - 8 Tips for Moving to Europe as a Family!

We lived in Spain for two years when my oldest was a toddler. Recently someone asked me for tips to help them as their family moves to Europe and I thought I would share my advice for moms moving to Europe here, just in case there are more families interested in this idea. Some of these tips will help no matter where you move honestly. If you have more tips for parents who are moving their families overseas please leave them in the comments!

** One major thing I forgot to say though is allow yourself grace for the move. Meaning, don’t get impatient with yourself if the adjustment is hard and you feel lost. That’s so normal. It took me a year to really feel settled and it took two years before my neighbors began to treat me like I belonged there. Haha that’s mainly because our neighbors were elderly and I’m pretty sure they thought we were rowdy tourists or something. Anyway it takes time to adjust to a new place, even if the new place is a dreamy one. So factor that in yo everything I share here about moving to Europe with babies. ❤️

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