Is Consuming Foods with Ajinomoto (MSG) During Pregnancy Safe?


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Is Consuming Foods with Ajinomoto (MSG) During Pregnancy Safe?

Is Consuming Foods with Ajinomoto (MSG) During Pregnancy Safe?

Pregnancy can bring about a lot of weird cravings. Some days, you will be tempted to eat just about anything to calm you down. But you need to be careful about your food choices, especially when thinking of eating Chinese food. Chinese cuisine contains an ingredient called Ajinomoto (MSG), the use of which is often coined controversial. You will find some in favour of it, while some argue against the use of MSG in pregnancy. If you are pregnant and craving some Chinese takeout, make sure you watch the video to the end to know everything about the effects of consuming Ajinomoto during pregnancy.

Your body will go through many hormonal changes and react differently to things and foods than it usually would so don’t take chances. Discuss your diet plan with your nutritionist and doctor and ask about the foods you should eat and avoid during pregnancy.

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