How To Reverse Plaque in Your Arteries


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How To Reverse Plaque in Your Arteries

How To Reverse Plaque in Your Arteries

What exercises do I do? Do I have to stop eating certain foods? Wait, do I really have to cut alcohol? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Cut Down on Booze – 00:36
Stop Smoking – 01:59
Exercise More – 03:03
Why Are You Being Salty? – 04:02
Cut Down on Fried Foods – 05:03
Stay Away From Fast Food – 05:53
Cool Down on the Processed Meats – 07:05
Eggs, More Eggs – 07:53


1. Cut Down On Booze
I know the holidays are coming up, and you’re going to be tempted to drink. But if your arteries have been building up plaque, you’re going to want to cool it on the booze. This includes some of your aunt’s special eggnog.

2. Stop Smoking
What?!?! Smoking is bad for you? Who would have thought? One of the best ways to reverse arterial plaque is to quit smoking.

3. Exercise More
We all need a little more exercise in our life. But for people with backed-up arteries, a good workout is even more important.

4. Why Are You Being Salty?
You may not realize this, but a lot of what you’re eating is loaded with salt. The average American consumes 3400 mg of sodium per day. That’s way more than you’re recommended.

5. Cut Down On Fried Foods
I know, we all love some good deep fried pickles from our favorite restaurant. A good appetizer sometimes sets the mood for a night out. But your diet is key in maintaining healthy arteries.

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