HOW TO … Install the Axis Cover System


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HOW TO … Install the Axis Cover System

HOW TO ... Install the Axis Cover System

Make opening and closing your swim spa easier with the Axis Cover System. This unique rolling swim spa cover was designed by Master Spas to fit snugly over H2X and Michael Phelps swim spas. It features a fastening system and multiple safety locks to keep your swim spa secure.

But how do you install the Axis Cover System?

This how-to video will guide you through the process of installing the swim spa cover. Before you get started, make sure that you have a drill, tape measure, level, tape, and a marker. The cover can be heavy so it’s important to have an extra set of hands.

It’s important that the cover fit snugly over the surface of the swim spa — for safety and to protect the quality of the cover. After the initial instillation, you might need to adjust the tension of the cover. There are two ways to adjust the tension, which are demonstrated in the video.

Learn More About Swim Spa Covers: https://www.h2xswimspa.com/swim-spa-covers

Enjoy the fun and exercise of a pool with the comfort of a hot tub. Swim spas are an alternative to the backyard swimming pool that help you get active and stay active. Unlike an in-ground pool, a swim spa can be installed in even small backyards and installation takes less than a day. Other benefits of a swim spa include year-round use, lower cost to operate, and versatility.

In-Ground Pool Alternative: https://www.h2xswimspa.com/pool-alternative

How much does a swim spa cost? Request pricing from a Master Spas retailer: https://www.h2xswimspa.com/get-swim-spa-pricing

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