How to increase the blood flow to the baby: Maintaining a good oxygen supply to the baby in the womb


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How to increase the blood flow to the baby: Maintaining a good oxygen supply to the baby in the womb

How to increase the blood flow to the baby: Maintaining a good oxygen supply to the baby in the womb

Did you know that your baby’s oxygen supply during pregnancy is linked to your own blood circulation? It is! And because of that, if your own blood circulation is poor, it could have a negative impact on your baby’s oxygen supply.

So, in this video, Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy & Birth Consultant and TCM Therapist, and Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek, explain what causes low oxygen levels in the fetus and how your baby’s oxygen supply in the womb is linked to your own blood circulation
Next, they explain eight ways to maintain a good blood supply to the baby in the womb and how to increase the blood flow to the placenta. And then finally, they also explain 5 things you should avoid, if you want to make sure that your baby receives more oxygen in the womb.


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