How to help a baby with a cold naturally – 10 very effective natural ways to help a baby with a cold


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How to help a baby with a cold naturally – 10 very effective natural ways to help a baby with a cold

How to help a baby with a cold naturally - 10 very effective natural ways to help a baby with a cold

It’s not a simple task to help a baby with a cold, particularly if baby is very young. Luckily, there are many natural remedies, tools and treatments which are also suitable for (younger) babies.
So, in this video, Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy & Birth Consultant and TCM Therapist, and Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek, first explain why there is only one thing which can help get rid of the baby’s cold: the baby’s immune system. Then they explain the two most important ways to support a baby’s immune system in order to help a baby with a cold.

Next, they explain five tools and natural remedies which can help relieve some of your baby’s cold symptoms until the baby’s immune system has found a way to get rid of the cold by itself.
And finally, they also discuss 3 remedies and treatments which are based on alternative medicine. Among others, they also teach 2 acupressure points to help your baby with a cold.


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Vitamin D requirements of babies:

under 1 year: 400 IU (International Units)
over 1 yea: 600 IU

Source: AAFP: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/healthy-living/nutrition/Pages/Where-We-Stand-Vitamins.aspx (accessed on 12/01/2022)


Onion and Thyme Tea:

Bring 500ml (about 2 cups) of water, 5 thyme sprigs and 1 roughly chopped onion to boil (covered). Once it boiling, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Afterwards, let it cool down before you strain and serve it!

under 1 year: 25ml – 3 times a day
over 1 year: 75ml – 3 times a day


Persimmon Puree Recipe:


Water Intoxication in Babies:
https://www.stlouischildrens.org/health-resources/pulse/water-intoxication-infants (accessed on 02/01/2022)


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All information and content in this video, including the video description and any information that we post in our comments as a response to any questions we may receive, is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute psychological, medical or health-related advice of any kind. We do not warrant that the information in our video, in the video description or in our responses, is free of any errors or omissions. We neither provide any medical services nor any services related to health care and / or nutrition to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any kind of medical condition or physical ailment! Where we use examples of how certain tips and tools from our video have helped other people, we do not imply that these tips and tools will work for you in the same way.
We do our best to provide accurate general information. However, the information in this video, including the information in the video description, as well as the information that we may provide in our comments as response to any questions that we may receive from our viewers, is not intended to and does not substitute any kind of professional advice and you should not rely solely on this information. Always consult a medical or health professional for your particular needs and for your particular case before making any medical or health-related decisions and before you apply anything that we mention in this video, in the video description or in our comments. All kinds of exercises and dietary changes are potentially dangerous, and those who do not seek counsel from the appropriate health care authority assume the liability of any injury which may occur.
If you or your child suffer from health-related problems or if you have any questions related to your own health and / or the health of your baby, please seek the advice of a qualified health care provider immediately!


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