How to Entertain a 1 Year Old (How i do it, tips, ideas + our sleep schedule for 14 month old)


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How to Entertain a 1 Year Old (How i do it, tips, ideas + our sleep schedule for 14 month old)

How to Entertain a 1 Year Old (How i do it, tips, ideas + our sleep schedule for 14 month old)

How to keep your one year old busy and have a great day with a young toddler.

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I have three kids so this is my third time in the baby toddler transitional stage. In this video i share the things i do to entertain a one year old but my nanny friend gave input on what she does to keep a one year old busy and have a fun day with a young toddler. If you are a mom or dad in a similar stage of life, or past it, and you have fresh ideas for life with a one year old please share it below so this can be a helpful resource for growing families. Thank you for following along with us and good job parenting ❤️ its not easy. You’re doing great.


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