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Community Members Share Their Stories

The Breastcancer.org Community is a diverse group made up of over 200,000 members discussing all things breast cancer, including worries, treatment, recovery, side effects, life after breast cancer, and everything in between. We celebrate these amazing women and men by giving them the recognition they deserve for sharing their struggles, insight, advice, optimism, and experience. The members featured here are a mere snapshot of the thousands who make up our Community; we encourage you to join our Discussion Boards and meet all of our members today!

Featured Stories

Christine Bout: Visiting 40 Breastcancer.org Friends on the Trip of a Lifetime

Tanya Buffins: Family, Faith, and Community Got me Through

Barry Jones: Getting the Word Out About Male Breast Cancer

Tenacious D: I Was Strong; Cancer Made Me Stronger

Lemons to Lemonade: Living Better After Breast Cancer

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If you’d like to share your story, email us at community@breastcancer.org or join our Discussion Boards.

More to come soon!

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