Cluster Feeding – Reasons & Tips to Manage It


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Cluster Feeding – Reasons & Tips to Manage It

Cluster Feeding - Reasons & Tips to Manage It

First-time mothers are often caught off guard by cluster feeds and think they may not be producing sufficient milk. A cluster-feeding baby feeds at intervals of a few hours between each feed for most of the day and then suddenly shifts to a pattern of feeding continuously for hours, with each feed spaced closely together. If you want to know more about cluster feeding and how to manage cluster feeding, then you are at the right place. Watch this video to end all your doubts.

Although it can be exhausting, cluster feeding is completely normal and temporary. If the baby feeds for more than an hour at a time or if the cluster feed lasts for more than two days, consult the doctor. You can try to accept the process and enjoy hours of snuggling with your baby.

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Chapter –

0:00 – Introduction
0:13 – What is Cluster Feeding?
0:41 – When Can You Expect Cluster Feeding?
1:13 – Is Cluster Feeding Natural?
1:23 – Does It Mean That Your Baby Needs More Milk Than You Can Supply?
1:45 – When Does Cluster Feeding End?
1:58 – How to Cope With Cluster Feeding
3:36 – When to Consult a Doctor

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