Cervix dilation symptoms: What does cervical dilation feel like and how to check if you are dilating


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Cervix dilation symptoms: What does cervical dilation feel like and how to check if you are dilating

Cervix dilation symptoms: What does cervical dilation feel like and how to check if you are dilating

Do you want to reliably find out if and how much your cervix is dilated? If so, you are going to find the answers in this video! In this video, Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy and Birth Consultant and TCM Therapist, and Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek, show you exactly how to find out if you are dilated and even how much you are dilated.
First, they explain the cervix dilation symptoms to help you understand how it looks and feels like when your cervix is dilating.
Next, they explain the “Purple Line Method” which can give you a rough idea if and how much you are dilated. The purple line is a purplish or brownish line which extends from a woman’s anus upwards to the top of the cleft between her buttocks. They explain why your body may develop a purple line and how it could help you find out if your cervix is dilated.
Finally, they also explain how to check yourself if your cervix is dilated or not. This is a much more reliable method than the purple line (if you do it the right way). Plus, it can also tell you pretty accurately, how much you are dilated.
Please note: this video is an updated video based on the “Cervix Dilation Symptoms” video which they posted in 2021. The update includes what they have learned over the past year regarding the accuracy of the purple line. And it also includes another but more accurate approach on how to find out if and how much you are dilated.

Afterwards, they explain two methods in order to help you tell yourself if you are dilated. In fact, these two methods can even give you a rough idea about how much you are dilated. They are called “the Purple Line” and “the Fundus Theory”. While the first approach is based on scientific research (sources see below), the second approach is not scientific at all. However, it is used by many midwives and doulas to help a woman find out if she is dilating and also, how much she is dilated.


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References (science stuff):
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