Catnapping in Babies – What It Is & How To Deal with It


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Catnapping in Babies – What It Is & How To Deal with It

Catnapping in Babies - What It Is & How To Deal with It

Taking care of a young infant is a 24-hour job, with very little time for the mother to rest. Frequent catnaps may lead to disturbed sleep patterns of the baby, apart from being taxing for the mother. Thus, even if a catnapping baby may look refreshed in the short term, it can lead to a messed-up schedule for the baby and the parents. Watch this video to know in detail about catnapping in babies, the reasons behind it, and how to deal with a catnapping baby.

Catnaps, also known as short naps, are an important element of a baby’s sleep cycle and necessary for development. As they become older, most newborns stop napping by themselves. Good sleep habits and a consistent schedule might help the infant get the most out of their daily naps.

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Chapters –

0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – What Is Catnapping?
0:47 – Why Do Babies Catnap?
2:16 – How Does Catnapping Affect Babies?
2:41 – How to Help a Baby to Have Effective Catnaps

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