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How To Get Motivated To Work Out

Despite all benefits of exercising, it sometimes can get very hard for us to motivate ourselves to get up and start to exercise. That’s why it is advisable to start with small goals and a steady routine. Many studies discuss how people get motivated to work out. We have discovered a lot of motivational tips that…
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The Importance Of Good Nutrition For Athletes

The best fats in an athlete’s diet are those unsaturated, from vegetable oils, especially olive oil, and from oily fish such as salmon or tuna. Nuts, hazelnuts, and avocados are other good sources of monounsaturated fats, but fat consumption is not recommended on the days when you are expecting intense physical effort. What are some…
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5 Reasons To Keep A Fitness Journal

It sounds weird and you would not say there is any connection between having the desired body, the perfect or toned forms, and keeping an exercise book. You would think it is not important to write down the day you went to the gym, the exercises you did or how you performed. Well, it’s not…
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5 Workout Mistakes To Avoid

Due to the weather outside, outdoor sports will become more and more difficult, the solution to prevent the effect of holidays on routine is sticking to a coherent exercise program at  them gym. So if you are going to sign up or join a fitness program or if you already have one, pay close attention…
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Top 10 Most Innovative Fitness Companies

Fitness is defined as the efficiency of doing work. To make people aware of the importance of fitness many companies have started to provide information about the daily workouts, meditation, yoga and proper diet plan. They are changing the knowledge and interest that people have regarding fitness in new and fresh ways. The top 10…
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Top 10 Fitness Exercises For Men

As a man staying in shape is very important. It is not just to look good for women but it is vital for a long and healthy life. The best decision to make is getting a gym membership and taking full advantages of it. There is a misconception about working out in the gym and…
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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

In theory, weight loss should be easy: Eat healthy, exercise, and reap the rewards. Easy peasy, right? But losing weight isn’t always that simple. You can feel like you’re doing all the right things — and you might lose some weight at first, but then you might reach the dreaded weight-loss plateau. I’m sure you’ve been…
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Autumn Calabrese Shares Her Top Weight-Loss Tips

Beachbody hosts Super Weekend four times a year — it’s an opportunity for thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches to attend team meetings in their local cities. The Coaches come from every corner of the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. to learn about new products and programs and share best coaching practices. Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn…
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You CAN Lose Weight Without “Starving”

The other day, one of my weight-loss clients told me that she’d been “starving” while waiting for lunchtime to come around. Of course, she didn’t mean that she was literally starving. She was just trying to say she was feeling “especially hungry.” But I always discourage people I work with from using that word, because…
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Joel Freeman Does His Toughest LIIFT4 Workout

Be honest: When you were doing LIIFT4, sweating, struggling, and grinding it out, didn’t it bother you just a little bit to see Joel strolling around the mat, fresh as a daisy the whole time? Well, friends, his time has come: Joel Freeman, creator of LIIFT4 and 10 Rounds, put himself to the test, and BODlife…
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Smart Food Swaps to Outsmart Diet Deprivation

When it comes to eating and weight loss, I’m not a big fan of the word “no.” I’m NOT saying you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. But I do believe the most effective way to lose weight — and keep it off — is by having a positive mindset about food.…
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Shakeology Reviews: How Does Shakeology Taste and Does It Work?

There’s no shortage of protein powders and meal replacement drinks on the market for people trying to dial in their nutrition, get fit, or lose weight. Technically, Shakeology is neither of those. You can learn all about Shakeology’s benefits and how Shakeology works here on the Beachbody Blog, but if it’s firsthand testimonials you’re looking for,…
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7 Things Fit People Do at Work

Working fitness into your free time is no easy feat, but staying active while on the clock can be next-level tough. For many people, when Monday rolls around, it can be a struggle to squeeze in a full workout in between work, traffic, errands, making dinner, and family time. Luckily, there are tons of small workday…
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10 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Look at what you’ve accomplished: You’ve reached your weight-loss goal and you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. But now what? Not to crash your party, but research has shown that only about 20 percent of overweight individuals are successful at long-term weight loss. “Long term” is defined as losing at least 10…
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Easy Meal Prep for 21 Day Fix Meal Plan A

If the thought of preparing one meal, much less all your meals for the day — plus snacks! — makes you want to crawl under a table, you’re not alone. But we’ve got your back: We created this easy meal prep for the 21 Day Fix 1,200 – 1,499 calorie level (Plan A). Every meal,…
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Choosing the Right Nutrition Plan for You: 2B Mindset vs. Ultimate Portion Fix

Low carb, sugar-free, high protein, no dairy — it seems like everywhere you look there’s a fad diet that cuts out or limits everything that’s fun to eat. The problem with fad diets is that they aren’t sustainable over the long term. For lasting results, it’s vital to choose a nutrition plan so your approach…
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Amoila Takes 6 Weeks of THE WORK on the Road

Four times a year, Beachbody hosts Super Weekend: Thousands of Team Beachbody (TBB) Coaches attend team meetings in their local cities. Coaches come from every corner of the U.S., Canada, and the UK to learn about new products and programs and share best coaching practices. Super Trainer Amoila Cesar, a personal trainer for professional athletes…
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Amoila Cesar vs. Barre Blend

“I feel my butt burning and my face crying.” —Amoila Cesar If you think a barre workout isn’t tough, just ask Amoila, the transformational specialist for professional athletes and creator of 6 Weeks of THE WORK — Barre Blend is the real deal. Amoila joined fellow Super Trainer Elise Joan for a Barre Blend workout and…
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How to Tackle Game Day Snack Temptations

If you’re like me and you don’t follow football throughout the season, you can always find something to love about game day — whether it’s rooting for the underdog, enjoying the halftime show and commercials, or just having a good time with friends and family. As co-creator of the weight-loss program 2B Mindset, I want to help…
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Meet the Barre Blend Cast

One way to make sure you keep those New Year’s resolutions is to surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you. During the 60 days of shooting Barre Blend, that’s what Elise Joan and the cast did — they motivated, supported, and encouraged each other. Bonus? They had a ton of fun doing…
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