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Don’t Ignore This Vital Skill!

As parents, we play a vital role in helping our baby’s learn to play with toys. It is through playing with toys that babies develop their skills to use their hands. The position you place your baby in for play and the baby toys you give them can actually help your baby learn this vital…
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6 Bad Sleeping Habits for Babies

There’s nothing more beautiful and peaceful than watching your baby sleep. He has a smile on his face and what looks like signs of a dream already. But is your precious darling really sleeping well? Is it possible that he is learning the wrong baby sleeping habits that can affect his health as he grows…
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COVID-19 Vaccine for Children – What Parents Need to Know

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every parent has been taking some comfort from the fact that COVID-19 is much less likely to seriously affect children than adults. But some kids do become very ill after contracting the Coronavirus, and the symptoms that can continue for months after even a light bout…
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10 Effective Yoga Poses for Normal Delivery

Yoga comprises a set of exercises that can be customised to suit almost any need. It is especially suited to the needs of a pregnant woman as it offers a combination of physical exercises and breathing techniques. Here, in this video, we have discussed some yoga asanas for normal delivery. Practising yoga is one of…
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4 Effective Baby Neck Strengthening Exercises

Whenever you try to hold a baby in your arms, you can hear your mother’s instructions to support his neck with one arm. This is because a baby’s neck muscles are too weak when they are born. Babies are not born with strong muscles, and it is something that develops with time. The neck muscles…
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Tomato Pumpkin Rice Soup Recipe for Babies and Toddlers

Looking for a soup recipe for your baby? Tomato pumpkin rice soup is an ideal recipe for your child that combines the goodness of vegetables, rice and aromatic herbs. It will make your baby’s diet more nutrient-rich and delicious. Watch this video to learn how to make a perfect tomato pumpkin rice recipe for babies…
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50 Rare Baby Boy Names With Meanings

The beauty of a name is that it is our identity for life. Every parent wants a rare name for their boys, which is unique and uncommon. Finding such a name is not an easy job, but we will help you to find a lovely rare boy name for your little prince so that he…
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Easy & Creative Collage Making Ideas for Kids

Creating a collage can be fun for Kids. It will not only keep your kid busy in lazy afternoons but also will help to develop his motor skills. Watch this video to learn some easy and creative collage making ideas that your kids will surely enjoy doing. Craft making is an activity that not only…
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Things to Consider While Buying Maternity Wear

Your body will go through many changes, both internally and externally, over the course of your pregnancy. A lot of women struggle to figure out what clothes to wear during pregnancy. When women think of maternity clothes, they often think of shapeless tent-like dresses and loose clothes that their bodies will get lost in. This…
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Stage 3 Baby Foods – What They Are & When to Introduce

By Stage 3, breast milk or formula milk should become a supplementary diet. Training a baby to eat baby food as their main diet is one of the key things involved in Stage 3 baby foods. Preparation must involve introducing a variety of foods that are suitable for their age in a scheduled and patterned…
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Yoga During the Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Poses and Precautions

The benefits of yoga have been mentioned by various people in a multitude of ways. Yoga during the second trimester can play a vital role in keeping the mother healthy and preparing the body for the baby’s birth. When done right, it can keep you at peace and let you enjoy your pregnancy in a…
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10 Effective Tips for Baby Hair Care

Your baby may have been born with a head full of hair or may have been born with a significantly sparse crop! Either way, you need not worry as hair grows eventually and keep growing for life. However, proper hair care is a must for hair to remain healthy and strong. Just like other aspects…
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First Month Pregnancy Diet – Foods to Eat and Avoid

The first month of your pregnancy is always very tentative. You are unsure about what to do and what to eat. The first-month pregnancy diet affects the health of the developing foetus. For that reason, it is essential that you know the exact foods to eat during 1st month of pregnancy and foods to avoid…
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50 Popular and Unique Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic names for boy babies are simply adorable! They are unique and stylish in their way. In this video, you’ll discover the most popular modern Arabic baby names for boys, which will surely impress you. Did we hear unique? Then along with the most popular ones, you will also get inspiration for unique Arabic boy…
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How to Avoid Falling Asleep While Breastfeeding Your Baby

Once you give birth to a baby, you hardly get any time for yourself and will be absorbed in the process of taking care of your baby. This translates to very little rest and exhaustion almost every day. Hence, many mothers tend to fall asleep when they sit or lie down while nursing their babies.…
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Baby Crying in Sleep – Reasons and Ways to Soothe

Every parent is wired to respond to their child’s cry, although each parent may have a different way of soothing their child. Some try skin-to-skin contact, while some try to make soothing sounds or gentle rocking movements to calm the baby down. There are also moms who may try breastfeeding in case their baby is…
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How to Parent as a Team

Kids notice. They remember when mom says one thing and dad says another. They remember if mom says “oh just don’t tell dad.” They realize if their parents are not united in rules and decision making for the family. This causes tension and friction in your partnership and creates anxiety for your child because of the…
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7 babywearing tips for beginners

Babywearing is a great way to keep your little one close, happy and secure while supporting their intense need for attachment in the early weeks and months—they just want to snuggle up and recreate the womb! It often leads to a calmer baby—and a calmer parent, too. Plus, for some infants, carrier naps are sometimes…
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The Smart Camera Every Parent Needs For Their Baby

Moving Baby into their own room is a bittersweet milestone. While you’ll miss hearing their little coos in the bassinet or crib in your room, you’re eager for them to have their own sleeping space to help them learn healthy sleep habits. To stay connected, you need a smart baby monitor with a camera that’s……
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