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School’s Back, and It’s Anything but Normal. Here’s What You Need.

This is an uncertain time, especially for parents trying to plan for the upcoming school year. One thing, however, is certain: Until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19 or a significant reduction in cases, it won’t be school as usual. Whether you’re sending your kids to an in-person classroom, organizing a homeschooling pod, or planning for…
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The Best Kids Water Bottles

The best kids water bottle is easy to clean, made not to leak, and designed so that even a toddler can use it independently. We spent 50 hours testing 15 popular water bottles with kids from toddler to tween and found that the best stainless steel option is the 12-ounce Thermos Funtainer Stainless Steel Water…
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The Best Folding Wagons

Folding wagons can be useful tools for families, beachgoers, or really anybody who needs to tote a lot of gear from one place to another. We researched dozens of wagons, tested six of them, and concluded that the MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is our favorite all-around wagon for basic toting. And we found…
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The Best College Dorm Essentials

Going away to college for the first time can be daunting, but having a dorm room that feels more like a home can make a huge difference. That’s why we’ve spent more than 180 hours evaluating the best dorm bedding, appliances, and other essentials to ease the transition from childhood home to college.

The Best Infant Car Seat

Infant car seats are designed to click in and out of a base you leave installed in your car—making it easy to get a baby into a house or stroller with minimal disruption. After 50 hours of research, including testing 10 popular infant car seats at home and crash-testing four finalists in a top lab…
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Our Favorite Gear for Outdoor Fun With Kids This Summer

Perhaps you, too, are looking for ways to liven up the yard now that it functions as your family’s playground, beach, and outdoor living room—at least until parks are safe to visit again. Wirecutter has long reviewed gear for outdoor recreation, and we’ve spent dozens of hours researching and testing it all. (We once spent…
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Our Favorite Diaper Creams, Nail and Hair Tools, and Other Baby Care Essentials

Keeping a squirmy infant clean is a task worthy of Sisyphus—the minute you get them washed, brushed, and diapered, it’s time to start all over. But the right tools can make grooming your kid a little less of a battle. From the best diapering supplies and tiny scissors that keep sharp nails at bay to…
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Our Favorite Kids Beachwear

Getting in some outdoor time with the kids at the beach, lake, or pool may come with additional challenges or concerns this summer—but adequate sun protection doesn’t have to be among them. Below are some of our staff’s favorite items for keeping kids covered from top to bottom; elsewhere, we also have recommendations for sunscreen,…
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Learning Toys and STEM Toys We Love

We don’t think there’s a right or wrong way for kids to play. For this kid-oriented gift guide, we focused on learning toys—open-ended games, kits, toys and crafts that promote lifelong skills like critical thinking, problem solving, logic, and even coding. To choose from the hundreds of toys available, we spent more than 30 hours…
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The Best Nursing Bras

The cups of a nursing bra unclip or pull open to make it easy for you to bring a feeding baby to the breast. We spent six months testing 24 nursing bras with a panel of 17 moms ranging in size from 32D up to 42K (and including 36B and 34C) and found that the…
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The Best Humidifier for a Baby

The best humidifier for a baby is the same one that’s best for adults—it just needs to be cleaned more often. Beyond that, a humidifier in the baby’s room should run all night without over-humidifying or needing a 4 a.m. tank refill. The model that meets those needs is the same one we picked in…
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The Best Hiking Baby Carriers

Hiking carriers are a great way to introduce your little one to the magic of exploring the outdoors, and to ensure that you keep getting out after you become a parent. We carried our infant and toddler sidekicks in 10 different carriers across almost 100 miles before concluding that the Deuter Kid Comfort is the…
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The Best Baby Bathtubs and Bath Seats

After 25 hours of testing 10 baby bathtubs and bath seats with our own infants, we’ve determined that though you don’t need a specialized tub or seat to bathe your kiddo, having one can make the task a lot easier, more fun, and comfortable for everyone involved. Our favorite baby bathtub is the Fisher-Price 4-in-1…
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The Best Cribs

We spent 15 hours researching hundreds of cribs, and three days assembling and converting 10 of them, before concluding that the DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is the best choice for most families. This sturdy crib converts to a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed, offering the potential for years of use.

The Best Clear and Mesh Backpacks and Bags

After researching bag policies for schools, venues, and stadiums, considering 29 see-through bags, and testing 10 of them, we think that the JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack is the best option if you can get away with mesh. It’s more comfortable than a plastic backpack, it comes from a brand we know and trust, and the…
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Some of the Best Online Learning Games for Kids

To find our favorite learning apps and games for kids, we spent more than 40 hours researching and testing 50-plus apps recommended by educators, experts, and parents. If your family has a tablet and you want it to be more than a game-playing and video-watching device, or if you’re trying to find apps for your…
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Our Favorite Backpack Diaper Bags

Backpack-style diaper bags are not only often more comfortable to carry than shoulder-style bags, they also keep your hands free for wrangling kids. After stuffing 15 backpack-style bags with diapers, bottles, and snacks, taking them on 60 outings, and deliberately spilling milk and crushed cereal in them, we’ve found a range of options well suited…
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The Best Robotics Kits for Beginners

When we tested robotics kits for beginners, the Lego Boost set won over the toughest critics: kids. And robotics pros, makers, and hobbyists agreed. With its Lego-based design, built-in sensors, and expansive options for creativity, the Boost kit was the most fun to build with. Plus, the tablet app’s super-simple programming was the easiest to…
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5 Ways to Keep Kids Healthier During the Cold and Flu Season

Protect your kids during the cold and flu season with our germ-fighting tips!   No one likes getting sick, but when your child is the one who is suffering it is even worse. Working parents often have an even harder time with their child’s illness as they have the added difficulty of sorting childcare, missing…
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The Best Lego Sets for Kids

Legos, the beloved plastic bricks that promote creative open play and STEAM skills, are so ubiquitous that for many kids their introduction comes in the form of a bucket of mixed pieces passed down from an older sibling or cousin or a family friend. But if you’re helping a Lego neophyte build a collection from…
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