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How Does Telemedicine Improve the Patient Experience?

  How does telemedicine improve the patient experience? With the medical field becoming more and more competitive, many practitioners are seeking a way to put their practice at an advantage. If you are seeking a better outcome for your ROI, you need to consider the patient experience.    The patient experience starts well before the…
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How to Keep Your Patients From Missing Appointments

Keep your practice running smoothly by following our tips on how to keep your patients from canceling their appointments.    Missed appointments are a genuine concern for medical practices around the world. Patient Prompt reported that with an average appointment cost of $125 in the United States, a 13% missed appointment rate would result in…
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16 Easy Ways to Market your Medical Practice

Learn how to market your practice to easily increase your patient list!    Marketing your medical practice is not always easy. Marketing your practice is important. Whether you have just started a new practice and are ready to welcome patients or want to expand your practice; learning to market your practice is not something they…
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How to Set up Telehealth for Your Small Clinic

Telehealth is an easy and affordable way to easily modernize your practice and delight your patient list. But what is really involved in setting up telemedicine services?    There is no doubt that the scope of modern medicine is changing. Today’s modern patient is busy, technologically savvy, and in need of modern solutions. While the…
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The Ultimate Guide to Easily Increase Patient Refferals for Your Practice

Increase your patient referrals for a cost effective way to market your practice.    The power of patient communication cannot be unestimated in your practice’s marketing plan.  Patient referrals are an invaluable resource for both your patients and your practice. Not only are patient referrals an inexpensive way to market your practice, but referrals from…
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What are the Advantages of Telemedicine?

How can Telemedicine Benefit both the provider and the patient?    There is no doubt that the face of patient care is changing. Today’s patients are busier, technology savvy, and in need of digital solutions.    Telemedicine-also known as telehealth, is not the only digital innovation in modern medicine. Today’s Electronic Medical Records are adapting…
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Ask a “Sexually Transmitted Diseases Specialist” Online – Free Online Doctor Chat 24/7 – Live Chat

Ask a question to a Sexually Transmitted Diseases Specialist and get an instant answer. 29+ Sexually Transmitted Diseases Specialists are online to answer                                

“Your Doctors Online Helped me Regulate my Periods”

Chris’s menstrual cycles had never been ‘regular’ but growing up they were all that she knew. As a young girl with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, she often went without her period for months at a time. She knew her PCOS could make it difficult to become pregnant. When she decided the time was right to start…
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“Your Doctors Online Protects my Daughter’s Sexual Health”

Saeeda always had an open and honest relationship with her daughter. Yet when it came to protecting her daughter’s sexual health she knew she needed to put a doctor in her daughter’s pocket.    “My daughter was entering university and leaving home for the first time. I knew that I wanted her to have access…
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“Your Doctors Online Helped me Get a Cancer Diagnosis”

The average person isn’t sure where their lymph nodes are, much less what swollen lymph nodes could indicate. When it comes to medical advice in real time, more and more people are putting a doctor in their pocket.  Amanda* discovered a lump near her three year-old son’s groin after a bath one evening. Googling her…
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“Your Doctors Online helped me through my high risk pregnancy”

Natalie had two normal pregnancies but was thrown for a loop when she experienced bleeding early in her third pregnancy. She knew bleeding in early pregnancy can be common, but she felt something was different.    “With two little kids at home the thought of making an appointment for a little bit of blood seemed…
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“Your Doctor’s Online Helped me get Care after my C-section”

Jessica had an unplanned c-section after her son’s heart rate began to fall during labor. A c-section was not part of her ideal birth plan, and she felt unprepared to recover from a major surgery while also learning how to care for her new baby.    “I felt like I was thrown into the wringer…
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“Your Doctors Online Helped me Start my Labor”

Get Melissa was a first-time mother who never anticipated still being pregnant a week after her due date. Along with the nerves that come with the anticipation with labor, she was now worried about the additional complications that could come with a large baby, post-term pregnancy and the possibility of a cesarean section.    I…
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