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“Your Doctors Online helped me through my high risk pregnancy”

Natalie had two normal pregnancies but was thrown for a loop when she experienced bleeding early in her third pregnancy. She knew bleeding in early pregnancy can be common, but she felt something was different.    “With two little kids at home the thought of making an appointment for a little bit of blood seemed…
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“Your Doctor’s Online Helped me get Care after my C-section”

Jessica had an unplanned c-section after her son’s heart rate began to fall during labor. A c-section was not part of her ideal birth plan, and she felt unprepared to recover from a major surgery while also learning how to care for her new baby.    “I felt like I was thrown into the wringer…
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The Coronavirus: What Parents Need to Know

Last week the coronavirus was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) and today WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the world may be “dangerously” ill-prepared for a pandemic. So what does this actually mean and do parents need to worry? We asked  Dr. Richard Honaker for his medical advice…
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“I Didn’t Know I was in Labor Until I Tried Your Doctors Online”

Many first time mothers have lots of concerns when it comes to recognizing the signs of labor. Many worry they will go to the hospital with false labor and be sent home. Others fear they will leave for the hospital too late and not have time for medication or a physician present for their delivery. …
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“Your Doctors Online Helped me Start my Labor”

Get Melissa was a first-time mother who never anticipated still being pregnant a week after her due date. Along with the nerves that come with the anticipation with labor, she was now worried about the additional complications that could come with a large baby, post-term pregnancy and the possibility of a cesarean section.  I didn’t…
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8 Sex Positions During Pregnancy Offering Healthy Benefits

Not only is sex safe during pregnancy, it can also offer several health benefits for you and your baby-to-be. While some women may feel less than amorous while rocking a bump, for others pregnancy can have the opposite effect. But with that baby bump, it is hard to find the right sex positions during pregnancy.…
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Everything a Doctor Wants you to Know About Your First Month of Pregnancy

Everything a doctor wants you to know about the first month of your pregnancy.   The beginning of a new pregnancy can be an exciting time. Whether the first month of your pregnancy goes undetected-or each day is celebrated; there are certain things our doctors would love expecting parents to know.      While your…
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5 Tips to Avoid Back to School Germs from a Doctor

Avoid back to school germs with 5 best practice tips from a doctor.    While many parents may look forward to their kids returning to school and getting back into a routine, many kids pick up more than just new friends when they return to the school yard.   The back to school sickness.   …
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How To Tell If A Lump is Cancer (Body Lumps Explained)

While smooth skin may be many people’s aesthetic ideal, for many people it is not always possible. It is common to discover lumps and bumps along the body. While most of these curvaceous growths are harmless, some can be a sign of a serious health condition.  How can you tell the difference between a harmless…
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Is Bartholin’s Cyst a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Bartholin’s cyst: the discovery of a painful lump in the vaginal area may have you wondering if you could have an STI or STD. Here is what Your Doctors wants you to know.    What is a Bartholin Cyst?  Source: Canva The human body is full of glands. The glands throughout your body produce and…
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Never Use These 9 Sex Lube Alternatives (Plus Safe Options)

Lube alternatives may seem like cheap and easy way to enhance your sex life but trying to find a store bought alternative in your cupboards could cause damage to your health.  While the word ‘lube’ may conjure up images of older women going through menopause, the truth is using lube is beneficial in improving orgasms…
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