Baby not Crawling or Delayed Crawling – Should You Be Worried?


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Baby not Crawling or Delayed Crawling – Should You Be Worried?

Baby not Crawling or Delayed Crawling - Should You Be Worried?

Babies are the centres of their parents’ lives, and rightly so. From a completely-folded-fetal position, all babies go through a gradual extension of the arms and feet and learn to roll over, crawl, and finally stand up erect. Crawling is nature’s way to help strengthen the baby’s muscles and is an important phase and milestone. When they don’t crawl after reaching the right age, parents need to know the reason and help them reach this important milestone. This video will help you with the most common causes for delayed crawling in babies and tips on improving late crawling in babies.

Don’t forget that babies learn from what they see and the motivation they receive from you in flailing their arms, legs, and crying, of course, to get attention and love from you. Therefore, don’t panic and let them develop differently at a natural pace.

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For More Information: https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/baby-not-crawling-causes-and-tips-to-help-them/

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