9 Psychological Tricks To Outsmart Manipulators


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9 Psychological Tricks To Outsmart Manipulators

9 Psychological Tricks To Outsmart Manipulators

But what more can you do? Does setting boundaries help? How about keeping track of everything and not getting emotionally involved. We’ll be talking about all of these AND many more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Spotting and Understanding a Manipulator – 00:31
2. Learn to say no and stand by it – 01:29
3. Avoid or ignore them – 02:14
4. Set personal boundaries and stick to them – 03:11
5. Keep track of everything you are involved with – 04:03
6. Set your goals and define them clearly – 04:51
7. Take responsibility for your actions – 05:37
8. Do not get emotionally involved – 06:18
9. Show that actions have consequences – 07:06


1. Spotting And Understanding A Manipulator
The first step towards outsmarting manipulative people is to learn how to spot them. You need to understand how they operate to beat them at their own game.

2. Learn To Say No And Stand By It
“No” is a complete sentence. One of the most effective strategies to deal with manipulators is to stand up for yourself. Say no and stand by it. Without any ounce of guilt. You don’t want your manipulating sister in law to stay at your place for one month? Tell her no right away.

3. Avoid Or Ignore Them
At the risk of stating the obvious, avoid manipulators as often as you can. We all know we should do this, but sometimes we need to be reminded to kick manipulators out of our lives. They are not worth the drama at all.

4. Set Personal Boundaries And Stick To Them
You know what the majority of manipulators fear most? People who set firm boundaries. That’s the biggest challenge for them. Because their manipulative tricks do not work on such people.

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