20 Black-Owned Makeup Brands That Should Be on Everyone’s Radar


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20 Black-Owned Makeup Brands That Should Be on Everyone’s Radar

If you like playing with makeup as much as we do, then you’re probably constantly looking for new products to add to your collection. A largely untapped and underrated area of the market is Black-owned makeup brands – but not for long, because so many of these companies are projected to be everywhere soon.

As far as Black-led cosmetic brands go, of course you have the big ones like Fenty Beauty, UOMA Beauty, and Pat McGrath Labs that every makeup-lover is already rightfully obsessed with, but the market has so many other quality brands waiting to be given the credit they deserve.

From ultrapigmented eyeshadow palettes that will show up on all skin tones to long-wearing liquid lipsticks and truly inclusive foundation options, literally everyone can benefit from shopping these Black-owned makeup brands. Ahead, we rounded up the bestseller from each one – but we suggest looking fast, because many of the products have already sold out.

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