17 Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Tea Bags


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17 Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Tea Bags

17 Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Tea Bags

From shining wood surfaces, getting rid of household odors, starting campfires and more, watch until the end to learn about all of them.

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1. Perk up your plants: Tea bags make a great organic fertilizer for plants that need rich, acidic oil—such as roses and ferns. The tannins and other nutrients present in tea can help stimulate their growth.

2. Under eye bags: Do you not get enough sleep? Do you have dark bags under your eyes? One cheap solution is to use tea bags for puffy eyes. Just know that you have to do this often to see visible results.

3. Shine wood surfaces: Used tea bags make a great polish for hardwood floors and wood furniture. This is because the tannins in black tea bring out that natural shine of wood.

4. Create dye designs: Tea bags can bring a really nice tinge to paper and fabrics. Place the wet tea bags randomly on paper or fabric, then let them dry. For an overall dyed effect, place the paper or fabric on the bottom of a baking pan or shallow container along with 10 to 12 used tea bags. Then cover them with boiling water.

5. Take grains to the next level: Tired of boring, flavorless rice? Tea can boost the flavor profile of your grains without any extra salt or seasoning. Simply place a leftover tea bag or two in the boiling pot of water and let it do its thing. Then cook rice or quinoa as usual.

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