13 Essential Anastasia Beverly Hills Products That Every Makeup Bag Needs


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13 Essential Anastasia Beverly Hills Products That Every Makeup Bag Needs

The meteoric success of Anastasia Beverly Hills came at a time when women such as Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, and, yes, Kim Kardashian were being lauded for their bold eyebrows. Started in 1997 by Anastasia Soare, the brand aimed at grooming and maintaining one’s arches, as opposed to whittling them down into nothingness, as the standard had previously been.

Anastasia’s initial focus was on the flagship salon in Beverly Hills, but she eventually introduced grooming products for her clients to enjoy at home. Over a decade later, the brand has evolved to include a full cosmetics range featuring strobing palettes, liquid lipsticks, and, of course, various beloved brow tools. With 20.3 million followers and counting on its Instagram page, it’s definitely eclipsed many of its competitors on the platform. Though Anastasia still presides as CEO, her daughter, Claudia, has since taken over the day-to-day operations as president of the company.

People’s preferences certainly differ on which brow product is best. I personally started out using the famous Brow Wiz pencil and have since moved on to the Dipbrow Pomade. There is, however, a collective agreement that Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cult-favorite brand here to stay – and continually help out our changing brows. Ahead, we’ve narrowed down the 13 essential items from the brand that any makeup bag deserves.

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